#85  Attach files to a project
bufferUnderrun opened 4 years ago

I have many files related to a project which i want to attach :

  • specifications
  • database schemas
  • project managament planning
  • ...

Some other files are attached to a milestone :

  • database dump (with sample)
  • guides for new release
  • ...

It could be great to have a small file manager with columns :

  • the file
  • text : small description
  • refs : to the project or to a specific milestone
  • date of create or update

user must have the correct authorization (add a new roles in global admin/security) to see or download theses files.


bufferUnderrun commented 3 years ago

Hi @robin ,

Do you have some news about this feature ?

My project contains many others files (pdf, project spec, diagram...) and i have to zip and save them apart from OneDev. I need a uniq place and onedev would be perfect for this.


Robin Shen commented 3 years ago

I do not have schedule for this yet.

Matthias Gramberg commented 10 months ago

Sounds interesting to me as well.

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