Ability to Copy Issue with links (OD-1921)
Oleksandr Nikitin opened 4 weeks ago


Link a copy of the issue the same way as the original one.

OR: Add a menu item to duplicate an issue into the same project with links and without comments.


a) I discovered that it's much more natural to evolve some issue templates simply by duplicating existing issues.

Operations checklists, for example, often change slightly as the process improves, and updating a template per each process quickly becomes awkward (also if I happen to hire ppl I won't want to give everyone admin permission just so they can edit templates).

b) Copying links is important to track the affected components/deployments etc, like in this case

c) Copying comments is not needed in this case. It's easy to delete them though, so if it's hard to add a separate feature, or if you don't want to clutter the UI with "what do you want to copy?" then just improving the copy routine so that it copies the links would be great too.

d) Next obvious idea is to copy the child issues as well but this sounds hard (eg there might be loops etc), so I'm inclined to say that right now we just always copy all links, for simplicity.

Thanks in advance!

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