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#841  Make issue state able to transit to all other states by default
Robin Shen opened 2 months ago

If I may suggest, I would keep the button transition labeled as such, as it certainly has its uses, and it's pretty clear what that is and how it works. Then I would possibly separate the logic for moving things by dragging to it's own option in which you can drag any item to any column without having to setup specific transitions for each.

For me, at least, that is what I expected the default behavior to be for a board like this (similar to Trello, GitKraken boards, Jetbrains Space, etc), then the rule-based transitions and automations are "above and beyond" the base functionality. They seem like they would be great to have for many scenarios, but for a solo dev who doesn't currently need to restrict what things can and cannot do since it is just me, especially right off the bat, the barrier to entry to use the board feels rather high.

I am sure I will make use of those additional features eventually as I start to build out more complex workflows, but just starting off, I just want to be able to move things back and forth as necessary.

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