#7  A built-in docker registry
Robin Shen opened 2 years ago

Please take into consideration that there is a need for nested docker repos (one additional level is enough like GitLab has per project). The overall ECR/Azure/GitHub registry stuff is so crazily limited it’s borderline unusable: you have to pop up projects/registries just to have a different image name, and tags are limited to 128 chars, within [A-Za-z0-9-_] (so, no slash), so you need to spawn repos like crazy (which means different creds or setup or project settings) and/or suffer unreadable mangled tag names.

Michael Weimann commented 10 months ago

One thing I install parallel to every OneDev setup is a docker registry. So maybe this is a point.

Beside something written in Java could you think of bundling a registry executable with OneDev?
Like this: https://github.com/distribution/distribution

Robin Shen commented 10 months ago

I tend to implement a Java based docker registry if possible. Just shipping a registry executable with OneDev complicates bare-metal installation, and does not provide much value I think. In that case I'd like to leave it to users to install their own.

Robin Shen commented 10 months ago

Also I'd like to integrate OneDev with docker registry tightly to do things such as authenticating against same user base, associating docker image with build record, managing docker image from OneDev UI, etc.

I am not sure how difficult it will be to implement a docker registry in Java though...

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