#996  Snippets
Jerome St-Louis opened 1 year ago

Snippets (or Gists as GitHub calls them) associated with projects are a key feature that is missing from OneDev that would be extremely useful. It could be as simple as a one time pastebin (ideally with syntax highlighting), or ideally would support versioning with git.

Thank you!

Andrew Lalis commented 1 year ago

As far as I know in GitHub, gists are in a completely separate domain. You mention "associated with projects", and that's probably the easiest way to do things with the OneDev architecture, since that's how pretty much all user-generated content is managed.

I suppose it could be added alongside the issues and code capabilities that are already toggle-able for projects?

Either way, I would also appreciate having a feature like this, possibly with the ability to mark certain snippets to allow anonymous access.

Jerome St-Louis commented 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback @andrewlalis . You're right gists in GitHub are in a separate domain, but GitLab snippets are associated with a particular project as you are suggesting. Agreed it makes sense to mark certain ones to allow anonymous access.

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