#949  Error 308 when running job or runner
Nathan opened 2 years ago

Everytime I run a runner I am getting this error.

Please help,

Please wait... Checking cluster access... Executing job (executor: runner-1, namespace: runner-1-executor-test)... Running job on node worker-1... Starting job containers... Connecting to server 'http://onedev.natedog95.loseyourip.com'... java.lang.RuntimeException: Http request failed (status code: 308, error message: 308 Permanent Redirect

308 Permanent Redirect

nginx ) at io.onedev.k8shelper.KubernetesHelper.checkStatus(KubernetesHelper.java:613) at io.onedev.k8shelper.KubernetesHelper.init(KubernetesHelper.java:341) at io.onedev.k8shelper.Init.main(Init.java:23)

init: Command failed with exit code 1

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Robin Shen commented 2 years ago

Please specify ip address instead of dns name in system setting for server url property to see if it works. Please check OneDev k8s installation guide on how to get the ip address.

Nathan commented 2 years ago

Thanks robin! upon looking at the settings to change it I got the notification: This is derived from ingress setting and cannot be changed. Should I try to change it another way ? Thank you for your helpticket-Capture.PNG

Robin Shen commented 2 years ago

Looks like ingress.host value is specified incorrectly when deploy OneDev via helm: https://code.onedev.io/projects/162/files/main/pages/deploy-into-k8s.md#ingress-setup

With a normal setup, no redirection should be happening.

Nathan commented 2 years ago

Issue has been resolved. I was able to rerun and add --set commands in the link above to fix the issue. I think I may have manually set up the ingress instead of using the chart to do it. That is probably what messed it up. Thank you for your help!!

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Nathan commented 2 years ago

Issue has been resolved

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