#800  Able to use PVC instead of host path to store cache in k8s deployment
Robin Shen opened 2 years ago
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Maciej Grabowski commented 2 years ago

Just to be clear - any type of storage used in Kubernetes should be acquired by PVC, be it cache, project workspace or anything else.

Maciej Grabowski commented 11 months ago

Any chance for improvements in that matter in near future? I see it was raised few times (issue onedev/server#442) and lack of support for PVC makes OneDev completely incompatible with any production Kubernetes cluster, and that's de facto standard platform for container workloads.

Robin Shen commented 11 months ago

This change is not trivial, and I may not be able to come up with it very soon.

Robin Shen added to milestone "10.1.0" 1 month ago
Robin Shen commented 1 month ago

The cache mechanism will be reworked to tar specified directory to OneDev server and untar when needed, the same way as GitHub/GitLab does. This approach is considerably slower than local volume mounting, especially when handing many many small files (such as npm modules), but is easier to manage and share.

The upcoming 10.1 release will also provide an option to use dynamically provisioned PVC for job workspace (#1729).

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Robin Shen commented 3 weeks ago

Fixed via issue #1732

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