The ability to do a file search and a content search over multiple projects / repos (OD-742)
Adam Parker opened 2 years ago

It seems by default that it is not possible to do a multiple project search. The query utility allows you to find a project, and when within the project there is a basic and advanced search. Thus you must know the project you require before doing a more detailed search.

I assume this feature is not provided by default as they can put a heavy burden on the server. I am running a private server in this instance.

I am looking to see if it is possible to search for a file within multiple projects? This might be via the API or a script if not in the Web Frontend.

Also is it then possible to use OneDev basic search and advanced search to search files (maybe all, or maybe via a filter like *.java) within multiple projects?

I ask this, because I have a lot of projects from different sources and I often forget which project the file is in. I can usually remember something remarkable which a filename or content search would find.

Thank you for your work it is very impressive.

Best Regards,

Robin Shen commented 2 years ago

Thanks for filing the issue. Issues relating to OneDev should be opened for project onedev/server, and I am moving it here.

For the issue itself, OneDev currently does not support cross-project search yet. Will address this in future versions.

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Robin Shen commented 9 months ago

This is now possible in EE edition of OneDev:

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