Confirmation dialog for batch edit (OD-1951)
jbauer opened 1 month ago

In issue list I had query "Project is current" active and selected two issues via checkbox. Then in operations menu I accidentally selected "Batch edit all queried issues" instead of "Batch edit all selected issues". So I accidentally changed state of all issues in the project and then had to restore a database backup 😃

It might be good to show a confirmation dialog for batch editing which also shows the number of issues being batch edited in a prominent way. I know the issue count is shown in the header of the batch edit popup, but I didn't pay attention to it. I only noticed the number while OneDev was busy sending out thousands of e-mail notifications.

Either show the confirmation dialog always or if the number of issues is larger than a reasonable number of issues that you can still go through manually and undo the batch edit one by one, e.g. 10.

jbauer commented 1 month ago

@robin In my above issue I changed the state of all issues to "committed" and after restoring a backup everything was good again. However I now noticed that the burndown chart of milestones still show everything as committed. But it only the chart itself that is wrong. The colored status bar in the milestone list view or in the issues view of a milestone renders correctly.

So it seems like the burndown chart is not stored in the database? Is that correct? Can I somehow force recalculation of the burndown chart?

Robin Shen commented 1 month ago

Please delete folder <OneDev server>/site/projects/<project id>/info/issue and restart server.

jbauer commented 4 weeks ago

Thanks, that did work. Might be a good idea to delete these cache folders of all projects automatically once restore-db has restored the DB successfully?

Cody Robinson commented 2 days ago

Or a button/tab under System Maintenance

Just like we have the "Check Workflow Rule Integrity"

Robin Shen commented 2 days ago

Or a button/tab under System Maintenance

Just like we have the "Check Workflow Rule Integrity"

Filed a separate improvement request for this: OD-1996

Robin Shen changed state to 'Closed' 2 days ago
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Robin Shen commented 2 days ago

Closing this as a separate confirm dialog seems verbose for most cases.

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