Webhook triggers always old build instead of new build (OD-1898)
Dennis Becker opened 5 days ago

On my local OneDev instance, when one of my services triggers a build per Webhook with a GET request, it now always triggers one of the older build jobs again instead of creating a new job. This happens now after upgrading to OneDev 10.7.1 I am using a local agent with docker if that helps.

The build job itself has no isssue.

Robin Shen commented 5 days ago

This is a new change since 10.6. For a particular commit and param combo, only a single build will be generated. This is in order not to run unnecesssary jobs, for instance, when run a downstream job when upstream job already exists.

If you always want to generate new build even on same commit, just create an optional job param, and pass something unique each time triggering the job, for instance current timestamp.

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Dennis Becker commented 4 days ago

Okay, will try that. I like to have an ordered history with build numbers, because my code does not change but the website built by the job changes due to new data from a REST API.

If I would like to use a required built parameter, how could I send it with the webhook? Just add it to the webhook query parameters?

Robin Shen commented 4 days ago

Yes. Make sure its name not conflicts with pre-defined paramerters:


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