#1789  Autoreload of page resulting in incorrect page, lost comment on submittion
andrzej opened 2 months ago

I often work on multiple issues at one, ie. gathering data for some and fixing others. Due to that I often end up with a bunch of tab open in a browser with issues from OneDev.

Due to this flow, I often have many issue websites open (even for hours), I have encountered following issues:

  1. Comment entered and submitted disappears. After entering a comment to a website and pressing Comment, page reloads but without my comment. It is just lost.

  2. Website reloads with incorrect URL This happens when tab is in the background for a long time (with multiple 1dev websites being open in many tabs). It looks like tabs are reloading (maybe due to session timing out?), and they got redirected to login page with url of opened page cached on the server, and then they got redirected again (after automatic login? I use Remember Me feature) to the cached URL on the server side. As in my case, multiple pages/tabs reload at once, due to race condition or concurrency, some end up redirected to incorrect URLs.

Example. I had tabs open for issues 1,2,3,4 for a long time. After that, in some cases, I see that I have open tabs for issues 1,2,1,4. (3 was reloaded as 1).

Could you check for those issues? They are not very big, however, when I lose a long comment (for which I gathered data for half an hour) that is frustrating. The same with lost opened tabs.

Robin Shen commented 2 months ago

Seems that your session is timed out. OneDev will keep session alive as long as your browser is open, unless your computer is put to sleep. Is this your situation?

andrzej commented 1 month ago

Yes, it seems so.

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