#1750  VIsual Studio Code CI/CD and project integration
Dylan Vos opened 2 months ago

It would be cool if there was a extension for VSCode similar to the Atlassian one - the part I am mostly interested in is keeping track of my CI/CD builds - as now I have to login to Onedev to check if it is running and if there are errors.

See for example: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Atlassian.atlascode

So, my question, does Onedev offer an api to get such information and is this something which can be done with OneDev?

Robin Shen commented 2 months ago

OneDev has restful api to get build information: https://code.onedev.io/~help/api/io.onedev.server.rest.resource.BuildResource

My resource is limited. Hope someone else can take care of this.

Daniel Kollmannsberger commented 2 months ago

Hey together,

currently I try to do something with Intellij, I created an integration for home assistant last week to combine cicd with iot.

But I have experience with the api. So if anybody needs help I would support.

Dylan Vos commented 2 months ago

@craftoncu - funny thing, the reason I asked for an extension (may work on it myself) - is because I use vscode to code my OpenHAB scripts in Typescript and us OneDev CI/CD to deploy them as Javascript

Daniel Kollmannsberger commented 2 months ago

@thadavos hehe 😂

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