#1704  Code Compare page performance
narandill opened 2 months ago

Hi @robin !

I noticed when you have quite a lot of files changed in Code Compare view - it can significantly drop the page performance. Mainly it's because the view is rendering all the diff changes for all files at same time.

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 12.56.12.png

Could we improve this a bit? I would like to propose few solutions and try to argument which one to pick (if accepted) based on the complexity of UI work:

  1. Expand only n first files diff, other files contents collapsed.
  2. Introduce Infinite Scroll
  3. Introduce right Sidebar with Tree-view diff folder structure and render only one file diff at a time

Other notable improvements would be:

  • attach the syntax highlighting to diffs only when in browser viewport (or just-in-time)
Robin Shen commented 2 months ago

It is possible to view change file by file, as well as filtering the changeset with folders or file patterns to make it smaller.

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