Make docker registry accept docker conform tag names (OD-1683)
Lukas opened 6 months ago

If i have a project with a name like "TestProject" and want to build/push a tag like "TestProject:latest" docker gives me following error: "ERROR: invalid tag "TestProject:latest": repository name must be lowercase". If i then go ahead an change it to "testproject:latest" I cant push it anymore to onedev with the following error: "name unknown: Unknown project: testproject" which is right as my project is named TestProject and not testproject.

Robin Shen commented 6 months ago

I can push tag testproject:latest to project TestProject. OneDev internally does a case-insensitive comparision. Are you sure the correct project name is being used? If this still happens at your side, please let me know detailed reproducing steps.

Lukas commented 6 months ago

My example was wrong. Sorry for that. The correct example would be I have the project "TestProject" and I want to push the docker container "testproject/service1:latest". This will result in the error I gave above.

Robin Shen commented 6 months ago

In this case, you will need to create a sub project service1 under TestProject. After pushing, the image will be located in project TestProject/service1.

Robin Shen changed state to 'Closed' 6 months ago
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Robin Shen commented 6 months ago

Feel free to open if this still does not work.

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