Improve the issues state management UI/UX (OD-1653)
narandill opened 7 months ago

Hi Robin,

I wonder if we could a bit improve the user experience for issue state management. It's not a big change in my opinion but I can drastically improve not only the UX but also simplify the UI.

I have few issue states configured in my system with configured colours:

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 14.20.43.png

I also configured the state transitions for the all issues according to my needs. But when I'm on issue details page:

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 14.21.06.png

  • the buttons to manage the issue state are in the same colour - ignoring the configuration
  • the main change is the proposal to add an Chevron dropdown to Open state which will render dropdown list with all possible state transition options.

Best regards!

Robin Shen commented 7 months ago

For few state transitions (which I guess is majority of the cases), current mechanism is convienent, otherwise you will need to operate from a drop down menu, even if there is enough screen estate.

Actions buttons are intentionally not to use state color, to distinguis itself from state badge.

narandill commented 7 months ago

This is more an issue on the mobiles, where even don't have a vertical padding between buttons. So you are saying that when we have more state transitions the buttons will render as dropdown? Is this a thing?

Robin Shen commented 7 months ago

Hmm... can be a problem on mobile for many buttons.

narandill commented 7 months ago

Yes, yesterday I did a test and launched the form for creating a new issue on my fiancée's phone (so she could add bugs in our Smart Home) - the UI was not approved by my other half at all xD

Robin Shen changed state to 'Closed' 7 months ago
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Robin Shen commented 7 months ago

For this rare case, proper margin will be added when state transition buttons are wrapped.

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