#1294  "No external authenticator to authenticate user" log spam
cyl3x opened 11 months ago

I resendly setup Authelia as OpenID Provider for my Onedev instance and since then my server log get spammed with this error message:

2023-04-01 08:36:00,269 ERROR [qtp733156437-6878] io.onedev.server.util.ExceptionUtils Error serving request org.apache.shiro.authc.AuthenticationException: No external authenticator to authenticate user 'here-is-my-username' at io.onedev.server.security.realm.PasswordAuthorizingRealm$1.call(PasswordAuthorizingRealm.java:159) at io.onedev.server.security.realm.PasswordAuthorizingRealm$1.call(PasswordAuthorizingRealm.java:129) at io.onedev.server.persistence.DefaultTransactionManager$1.call(DefaultTransactionManager.java:72) at io.onedev.server.persistence.DefaultSessionManager.call(DefaultSessionManager.java:90) at io.onedev.server.persistence.DefaultTransactionManager.call(DefaultTransactionManager.java:60) at io.onedev.server.security.realm.PasswordAuthorizingRealm.doGetAuthenticationInfo(PasswordAuthorizingRealm.java:129) at org.apache.shiro.realm.AuthenticatingRealm.getAuthenticationInfo(AuthenticatingRealm.java:571) at io.onedev.server.security.DefaultWebSecurityManager$2.doMultiRealmAuthentication(DefaultWebSecurityManager.java:81) [... long stack trace]

I have no problems login in or any other problems. Only the server logs this message every minute. Is this a bug or a configuration mistake on my side?

Robin Shen commented 11 months ago

Looks like you have some service accessing OneDev with password, however this user does not support password authentication (due to use of SSO). This service can be of an external program accessing OneDev via restful api, or a scheduled job in OneDev accessing projects with password secret.

To workaround this issue, please use a different service user authenticating via internal database instead of SSO.

cyl3x commented 11 months ago

Oh, of course, that makes sense.

It was my uptime service, that I completely forgot. Thanks for pointing that out ??

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