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#1202  Include build statistics
Prabir Shrestha opened 1 year ago

Allow to easily see the overall health and time for builds.

Robin Shen commented 1 year ago

This is already possible:


Robin Shen commented 1 year ago

Sorry this is for statistics. Please ignore my comment.

Unknown commented 1 year ago

@prabirshrestha Could you elaborate on what statistics you are looking for? How you want them to be viewed or accessed? Its hard to determine what you are suggesting with a one line comment.

Prabir Shrestha commented 11 months ago

Here are the ones I'm interested in.

  • total build time (this allows me to know if the builds can be optimized)
  • build success/failure rates (check if my builds are flaky)
  • tests success/failure rates(Allows me to see if there are similar tests failing over time as it could be flaky)

You can get few more ideas from here:

Unknown commented 11 months ago

@prabirshrestha Sorry to be the person to point it out, but there is a typo in the issue name, it is very annoying 😟 (sorry)

Back on topic, these statistics would be useful but it would be a lot of work on Robin's part, as it would require a schema change, and then making a page to display them.

I believe you would be able to write a script to do this for you using the Onedev API. Onedev already allows you to see the build time on a single build, and whether it failed or succeeded, fetch all the IDs of builds, sum them and then find the mean build time, along with finding the success rates.

Robin Shen changed title 11 months ago
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Include build statstics
Include build statistics
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Robin Shen commented 2 months ago

This is closed as a duplication with issue #1488

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