#1175  Show branch name in "fixing commits" (cherry-picks)
jbauer opened 1 year ago


it would be nice to see the branch name for each commit on the "Fixing commits" page.

I use the workflow of having release branches next to the main development branch. Fixes are done on the main development branch and then cherry picked into multiple release branches. If these fixing commits are linked to an issue they will all show up on the "Fixing commits" page but you can not visually distinguish which commit belongs to which release branch. Seeing the branch name next to each fixing commit would help and also provide some visual verification that the fixing commit has been cherry picked into all the relevant release branches.

Robin Shen commented 1 year ago

Showing all belonging branches might be slow if the commit is getting old, and there might exist many branches able to reach it to clutter the fixing commit list. You can instead click that commit to go into its detail page to have an idea of which branch it belongs to.

Another approach is to introduce an issue status, for instance fixed when some commit fixing it is in repo, to distinguish from the status when the commit is cherry-picked to release, where the status can be changed to ready for release

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