Ability to force all repository GC (OD-1120)
Unknown opened 1 year ago

Git has a feature where it runs its GC over the repository to compress and remove redundant references etc.

This is useful for keeping the git repositories small and also fast. I am not sure if Onedev currently GC's its repositories automatically every day or so, but configuration of how often to GC (uses a lot of CPU so more often means more resource use) and also the ability to force GC on all git repositories on a Onedev instance.

Robin Shen commented 1 year ago

Git claims that it will be doing so upon pull/push, and OneDev currently does not do this separately.

Unknown commented 1 year ago

Then this is an optimisation you could make, git has a set of default push/pull hooks which you can change when you initialise new repositories in onedev.

Other git servers do not GC after every push/pull because it wastes CPU time and could cause large amounts of latency in large servers. Having it done all together in the background maybe on a single thread at midnight or not during the peak hours would increase onedevs efficiency and responsiveness.

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