#1068  Allow to set auto complete for PRs
Prabir Shrestha opened 1 year ago

AzureDevops has the capability to auto complete a PR if the CI build is successful and can merge/squash. Would be good if onedev adds support for it. If others want to comment the can cancel the autocomplete or keep the autocomplete and comment.

https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/devops/repos/git/pull-requests?view=azure-devops&tabs=browser image.png

Unknown commented 1 year ago

@prabirshrestha The idea of Pull Requests are so that physical programmers can review the code before merging it, so I am unsure the use of this feature, just because something complies does not mean it doesn't contain logic issues, or vulnerabilities which a programmer would pick up during review.

Personally I do not see the need for this feature, PR's should be reviewed and this removes the idea of PR's.

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Prabir Shrestha commented 1 year ago

At work we have 300+ devs working on the same repro and I can't imagine how one would be able to live without this feature as there are high chances of having merge conflicts. There are settings one can apply to project such that if someone comments on autocomplete PRs, projects can set settings such that the same folks need to review before it can be signed off.

For now I'm primarily using onedev for personal where I'm only the dev so it makes sense for me to set auto complete to most PRs and then checkin if my CI passes.

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