Improving order by for Projects in Saved Query based on my interactions (OD-1050)
Prabir Shrestha opened 1 year ago

I have multiple projects and most of them are using PullRepository to sync from github to onedev. I don't care much about these but. Is it possible to somehow ignore these repos when using order by "Update Date"? What I care about is updated based on my interactions and other people or the system/CI. It seems like need something like order by "Update By Me".

Robin Shen commented 1 year ago

I understand that you are using cron schedule to trigger PullRepository periodically. Most of the time, the scheduled trigger does not pull code changes as there are no new changes at GitHub side, but the last update date is changed due to running scheduled build. And in this case you want to ignore such last update date change so that the last update date order more accurately reflects real changes by human?

Prabir Shrestha commented 1 year ago

Yes I would want to ignore those. I'm looking for real changes by human. I'm the only one that uses the selfhosted instance on my server so it might not impact me but ideally I'm looking for something like Github's Top Repository that you can see on the left when you login. If there are multiple users I only care about repositories I interacted with and not by just any humans.

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