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Unknown opened 1 year ago

As suggested in issue #6 I have now added a neovim development guide.

I am not sure if you will like it, as I have had to make it more personal. Neovim is not an easy application to configure, and thus making it more personal and acknowledging I was the one who wrote the guide as it was based off my configuration (people can have drastically different configurations).

This could be another thing you could add to the "Community" section of the wiki, instead of having it under the official section, if you would like this to happen please let me know :)

I have tried my best to compact a very long process into only 240 lines.

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Robin Shen commented 1 year ago

I think this is not appropriate to be included in environment setup. It is more like a neovim setup tutorial. Existing command line environment setup tutorial is more than enough. It is up to users themselves to decide which editor they will be using.

Changes like this did overwhelm me, they are not helping OneDev, but just some persoal taste...

Unknown commented 1 year ago

hm... ok makes sense...

This was something I discussed I believe 1-2 months ago... but obviously you changed your mind on it...

I will close the PR

Unknown discarded 1 year ago
Robin Shen commented 1 year ago

Yes that is true. I changed my mind as this will make OneDev tututorial not focusing. Nevertheless, it is a good neovim tutorial to be published on your blog.

Thanks for your understanding.

Unknown commented 1 year ago

Blog? I have no blog :P

Unknown commented 1 year ago

Its fine, it can be discarded of, it only took 1 hour to write, its not a big deal :)

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