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Artur opened 1 week ago

Currently, when you click on a project name on a list of projects, it goes to project's files page.

This is not always convenient, especially if a project is using only issues feature and not storing any files. In such a case it would be better for a user to get directly to issues page.

Alternatively, files repository could be used just as a Markdown documentation storage. In this case it would be useful to have the main documentation page as the default for the project page.

Please add a default project page option in the project's configuration settings.

Robin Shen commented 1 week ago

In future release, a project will have an overview page, or even a customizable dashboard page with self-defined gadgets.

For now, if the users does not have read code permission over the project, they will be sent to issues page directly.

Artur commented 6 days ago

Yes, indeed. However, for projects which do not really have any software code in repository, the repository is useful anyway just for a README file, to provide some basic information to the user. We also often store all sorts of documentation in repository. let's say we deploy a system for a customer based on our public software packages. We have a dedicated project for the customer to provide support through issues and in theory we could disable code repository. But we keep full description of the deployed system, configuration, and everything.

So, I am just thinking of a simple solution to just show a README file content without showing the list of files. Maybe, the list of files in the repository could be just folded/unfolded by pressing a button. And then we could set a default state for a project.
This way, the current, overall behavior would be the same, but with "folded list" setting, user would see a content of README file by default. And we could put in the readme file whatever we need for each project.

What do you think?

Folded list:

Unfolded list:

Robin Shen commented 6 days ago

Hide/unhide folder list seems confusing. I'd rather going with the project dashboard approach which will allow user to show project description (also in markdown) in the welcome page, or even configure the dashboard to show content of some file in repository.

That will be a much complete and flexible approach.

Artur commented 3 days ago

Yes, indeed, project dashboard idea you are describing would be ideal solution but also more work intensive. My suggestion seems like a relatively quick thing to do, a temporary fix which would solve my pain right now.

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This will be covered by issue #376

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