#290  High availability of OneDev server
Robin Shen opened 4 weeks ago
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bufferUnderrun commented 4 weeks ago

What do you mean ?

Robin Shen commented 3 weeks ago
bufferUnderrun commented 3 weeks ago

i mean, technically : multiple instances of onedev with sync... ?

Robin Shen commented 3 weeks ago

Create a cluster with multiple OneDev servers to achieve scalability and reliability.

Artur commented 3 weeks ago

For the start, like a basic, first version it would be good to have multiple instances of OneDev front end connected to one database (maybe in cluster mode) and store code repository in shared file system, like NFS or something like this.

Artur commented 3 weeks ago

I think, one way to have kind of simplified HA setup would be to have 2 independent installations and set projects in kind of mirror mode on one system to periodically update source code and issues from another system. This would be acceptable HA setup for many cases.

It seems relatively simple to implement.

And if the mirroring is done on the project level it would allow for a "smart" setup. Let's say you have a team in the US and a team in the EU. You could have 2 OneDev systems running, one in the US and one in the EU.

Then, the team in the EU would use EU system to work, and their projects would be mirrored on the US server and then the team from the US would connect to the US server and their projects would be mirrored on the EU server. If one server fails, both teams cold just switch over to the working server.

Robin Shen commented 3 weeks ago

You may prototype this if interested. I have not got time to think about it yet.

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