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5-minute Quickstart

This quickstart helps you trying out OneDev on your local machine. Follow this tutorial if you want to try build farm in Kubernetes

  1. Run below command on Linux/Mac to start OneDev in docker mode (this command is for demonstration purpose, follow installation guide for daily use):

    docker run -it --rm -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v $(pwd)/onedev:/opt/onedev -p 6610:6610 -p 6611:6611 1dev/server

    If you want to try on Windows machine, please follow the bare metal installation guide

  2. Point your browser to http://localhost:6610 to set up OneDev. In system setting page, just use suggested server url (http://localhost:6610)

  3. From OneDev projects page, add a project my-app

  4. Run below command from your terminal to create a react application:

    npx create-react-app my-app
  5. Change into directory my-app, and run below command to push code to OneDev:

    git remote add origin http://localhost:6610/my-app
    git push origin master:master

    When prompted for authentication, input administrator user name and password specified above

  6. Visit files page of project my-app from OneDev, click link add build spec to bring up the GUI to add build specification. For typical projects, OneDev suggests default job templates like below:

    Add Job Wizard

  7. Just use the default template, and save the spec. Now you will see that a CI build is running:

    After Add Ci Job

  8. Congrats! You've finished the tutorial. Continue to check more tutorials if you are interested.

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