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Role defines a set of permissions. When a project is authorized to a user or group, the role must be specified to determine the actual permissions

Pull Request

Like many other git products, OneDev has pull request for work submission and code review. Code review policies can be defined for instance to specify required reviewers when certain files are changed.

Build Spec

Build spec describes specification of build processes in OneDev. It is defined in file onedev-buildspec.yml in root of the repository


Job describes a unit of build execution, and is defined in build spec. Jobs can depend on each other to accomplish complex build workflows. Each run of a job will generate a build

Job Workspace

Workspace is the working directory inside job container where job commands are executed. Repository and dependency files (if there is any) will be retrieved into this directory. Artifact/report will also be published based on this directory


Build is result of a job run

Build Stream

Two builds are on same stream if they:

  • Belongs to same project
  • Belongs to same job
  • Corresponding commits are on same branch
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