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Upgrade Guide

If you are running OneDev as docker container:
  1. Stop container:

    docker stop `docker ps -aqf "ancestor=1dev/server"`
  2. Delete container:

    docker rm `docker ps -aqf "ancestor=1dev/server"`
  3. Pull latest image:

    docker pull 1dev/server
  4. Run container again. Wait a while for OneDev to upgrade and start.
If you are deploying OneDev into Kubernetes:
  1. Edit file /path/to/k8s-resources/production/kustomization.yaml to change property newTag to a new OneDev version (for instance 3.0.4)
  2. Run command kubectl apply -k . from the production directory
If you are running OneDev on virtual machine/bare metal machine:
  1. Assume OneDev is installed at /opt/onedev, stop OneDev by running command /opt/onedev/bin/server.(sh|bat) stop
  2. Make sure database server is up and running if you are using external database
  3. Extract new OneDev version to a separate folder, say _/path/to/new-onedev
  4. Open a command window and change to directory /path/to/new-onedev/bin
  5. Run command ./upgrade.(sh|bat) /opt/onedev to perform the upgrade
  6. /opt/onedev will be upgraded and you may launch it to check if things are in order
  7. You may remove /path/to/new-onedev afterwards if everything is fine
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