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SymphonyOS by HD Scania: My personal FreeBSD LiveDVD project featuring KDE Plasma, Enlightenment, XFCE, MATE, Trinity TDE, Liri shell, Weston, CDE, and Sway (based on helloSystem and FuryBSD)

Those Live ISO builders build Live ISO’s from FreeBSD -STABLE and -CURRENT ingredients. It is based on helloSystem by probonopd and furybsd-livecd by Joe Maloney.


The upcoming release build r0.23.04a01 will be released at my SourceForge files for this project. Maybe parts of them will also be released on CodeBerg, Disroot Git, Gitea.com, or both those all.

Available on official FreeBSD ports

  1. KDE Plasma (my default interface; Wayland and X11; a desktop composition only)
  2. Enlightenment (Wayland and X11; desktop and tiling compositions)
  3. XFCE (X11 only; a desktop composition only)
  4. MATE (X11 only; a desktop composition only)
  5. CDE (X11 only; a desktop composition only)
  6. Sway (Wayland only; a tiling composition only)

Requires my own personal port trees

  1. Trinity TDE (X11 only; a desktop composition only)
  2. Liri shell (Wayland only; a desktop composition only)
  3. Weston (Wayland only; a desktop composition only)

Continuous builds

Continuous builds can be downloaded here. CAUTION: Those are meant for development only. Use at your own risk. Do not use in production environments.

To minimize the amount of data when going from build to build, .zsync files are also provided. More information

It is possible to directly download and move straight to a Ventoy USB stick in one go.

Git cloning mirrors

  1. https://git.code.sf.net/p/symphony-freebsd/13-STABLE (Primary 13-STABLE LiveDVD tree)
    1. https://notabug.org/HD_Scanius/SymphonyOS_13-STABLE.git
    2. https://gitlab.com/hd_scania/SymphonyOS_13-STABLE.git
  2. https://codeberg.org/hd_scania/SymphonyOS_13-STABLE.git (Codeberg 13-STABLE LiveDVD tree)
  3. https://git.disroot.org/hd_scania/SymphonyOS_13-STABLE.git (Disroot Git 13-STABLE LiveDVD tree)
  4. https://gitea.com/hd_scania/SymphonyOS_13-STABLE.git (Gitea.com 13-STABLE LiveDVD tree)
  5. https://code.OneDev.io/SymphonyOS_13-STABLE (OneDev.io 13-STABLE LiveDVD tree)
  6. https://BitBucket.org/hd_scania/symphonyos_13-stable.git (BitBucket 13-STABLE LiveDVD tree)
  7. git@git.sr.ht:~hd_scania/SymphonyOS_13-STABLE (SourceHut 13-STABLE LiveDVD tree)
    • SourceHut is fatally and mortally mirroring unfriendly, so no mirrors pulled from or pushed onto Notabug and GitLab were, have been, or would be anymore.
  8. https://git.code.sf.net/p/symphony-freebsd/CURRENT (Primary -CURRENT LiveDVD tree)

Why nothing GitHub?

Don’t you still remember they’re m$-acquired? How sucky their Windows has been, is also if and only if how sucky their GitHub will also always be

Minimal system recommendations for live media

  1. AMD Ryzen 5 3500U or its Intel 4C8T replacements
  2. 15 GiB RAM (14.9GiB = decimal 16GB; only showing live media requirements for minimal physical RAM’s; for real h/w installing also better with swap partitions 8GiB+)
  3. HDMI capable of 1920×1080 screen resolution
  4. For -STABLE, an UEFI USB pendrive with Ventoy installed, and then put my LiveDVD’s onto the exfat partition, for booting the installer media thru Ventoy (The Ventoy founder has told me he only supports FreeBSD LiveDVD’s whose extension is .iso but never LiveUSB’s whose extension is .img)
  5. For -CURRENT, an independently dd’ed LiveDVD media on a whole microSD (The Ventoy founder also has told me he will never work for a single -CURRENT based medium)

Credentials for live media

There isn’t a single password for liveuser. The liveuser account is removed upon install.
There is neither a single root password until it is set in the installer. You can become root using doas su or sudo su.


Please see https://hellosystem.github.io/docs/developer/acknowledgements.
These builds would not be possible without the infrastructure generously provided by Cirrus CI.

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