#5  Help needed on building maven project and publishing artifacts.
Leslie Leung opened 8 months ago

I am new to CI/CD and I am trying onedev. I am currently developing a java web project. I suppose I can use the Builds function(similar to GitHub Actions) to package my project and generate a jar file that I can download or deploy to my server after sucessful packaging?

My build run successed but no artifact is produced. There is no documentation on such problem. Is there any article I can read or is there any disscusion chatroom or something I can ask for help?

Robin Shen commented 8 months ago

Thanks for trying out OneDev. You may add a step of type "publish artifact" to publish the files from the job workspace.

Leslie Leung commented 8 months ago

Thanks for your help. Now that I can find the jar file in artifacts tab. Is there any tutorial I can follow on to help me deploy this jar(or war) to a tomcat server?

And is there any forum or chatgroup I can join?

Robin Shen commented 8 months ago

To deploy generated artifacts, you may add another job say "deploy" and make it depending on the build job to retrieve published artifacts. Then the artifacts will be available in workspace of the deploy job, and you can continue to run any commands appropriate to deploy to Tomcat.

You can of course build/deploy artifacts in the same job, that way the publish/dependency logic will no longer be necessary.

You may submit support requests at any time at:

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