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Run on Virtual Machine/Bare Metal Machine

To achieve maximum flexibility, you may run OneDev on virtual machine or bare metal machine

Resource Requirement

OneDev can run happily on a 2 core 2GB box. For personal use, 1 core 1GB box also works. In this case, you will need to edit <OneDev dir>/conf/wrapper.conf to comment out property and uncomment


  1. Make sure your system has Java 11 or higher installed and available in system path. On ArchLinux, also make sure to run below commands to install required fonts:

    sudo pacman -S fontconfig ttf-dejavu
  2. Make sure your system has git 2.11.1 or higher installed and available in system path
  3. On Linux and Mac, make sure your system has curl installed and available in system path
  4. Select desired OneDev release and download onedev-<release>.zip
  5. Extract downloaded file into selected installation directory. Make sure current user has full permissions to the directory and all its sub directories
  6. Open a command prompt, change to the installation directory, and run command bin\server.bat console (on Windows) or bin/ console (on Unix/Linux/Mac) to start the server

Post-install tasks (optional)

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