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Usage Scenario

Build a docker image and push to Docker hub

How to Set Up

We demonstrate the setup with a tutorial project. It is a react project created with npx create-react-app. In this project:

  1. A simple dockerfile is added to serve build result with Nginx
  2. A CI job is added in the build spec to build and publish the docker image. In this job:

    • the checkout step clones he repository into job workspace
    • the build step tests and creates production build
    • the publish docker image step builds and publishes the docker image
  3. This job should be executed by a docker aware executor (server docker executor, remote docker executor, or kubernetes executor), with the mount docker sock option enabled like below:



  4. You may also use the built-in build docker image step to do the job. In that case, you will need to specify docker registry login in job executor setting

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