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#896  1dev in Docker became super slow
Artur opened 1 month ago


I have been running 1dev in docker for more than a year. Over time the 1dev deployment slows down more and more. It seems, like with every update to more recent version it slows down.
You can check it at the address:
At the moment it seems unusable but at the beginning it was running very fast.

Under docker, I assigned 8GB RAM and unlimited CPU.

I run it in a default docker setup and it is using sqllite.

Please advice how to improve performance or debug the sloweness.

Robin Shen commented 1 month ago

I visited your instance and seems that it is fast. While it is slow, please get a stack trace of the JVM process in the container. Also please check memory usage in system maintenance page.

Robin Shen removed from milestone "7.4.0" 1 month ago
Artur commented 1 month ago

Thank you for checking this out.

Yes, I was working today to improve performance somehow. Recreated the container from scratch, still with old data and it seems to be better now.

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