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The old way i used to deploy to production: launch "CD Job" in onedev's server :

  • exec local docker image
  • reconstruct ssh private key from job_secret
  • scp to production server to copy file
  • ssh to production server to restart container
  • exit

My new way since few days : "CD Job" in onedev-s server

  • connect with "remote shell executor for bare metal" directly in my production server
  • copy file
  • restart container
  • exit

I must admit that the "remote shell executor bare metal" is an ultra fucking great feature !! Install scripts are easy and clean.
So now, ours prods servers are just onedev clients and we push to prod just like that.

**Question **: can we run many onedev clients on the same machine ?

**Very thanks for the incredible job you're doing @robin **

Robin Shen commented 1 month ago

Thanks for sharing your experience, and glad to see if you are liking the new features.

You can of course run multiple onedev agents on same machine, or even under different OS users. Make sure to edit bin/ to use different service names via property APP_NAME and APP_LONG_NAME (change conf/wrapper.conf for related service properties if you are on Windows).

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