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#885  Milestone: Guide line is always zero
jbauer opened 1 month ago

Not quite sure if I have done something wrong but created Milestones with start and due date do not create any guide line. It is always 0.

I have first created issues and then created two milestones. One is this month active, the other is for next month. The milestone for current month shows issue count by state per day for the last few days (the milestone has been created a few days ago). So generally the graph works and renders data beginning at the date the milestone has been created. Only the guide line is 0.

All issue states are custom issue states, so there is no Open, Closed, Released state anymore. However I quickly skimmed through your Milestone page code and it seems like it should not matter. I also couldn't find anything locale related in that code.

Any idea?

Robin Shen commented 1 month ago

This is normally because your issues are scheduled into milestones after milestone start date. You may adjust start date of the milestone to be sometime after majority of the issues schedule date to see it displays as expected.

jbauer commented 1 month ago

Hm ok, maybe just a bit surprising during migration to OneDev because you likely create an already active milestone with a start date in the past and a due date in the future. But I can see that you need a fixed date to compute the start of the guide line so that is does not change anymore for the duration of the milestone.

For testing purpose I have create a milestone starting tomorrow and assigned some issue to it. Now I have to wait a few days to see if it works.

jbauer commented 1 month ago

Ok guide line works if milestone is starting in the future and that future date is reached. The milestone I have created yesterday with starting date today works now.

jbauer changed state to 'Closed' 1 month ago
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