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#881  Boards: Backlog shows issues which have a milestone assigned
jbauer opened 1 month ago

When creating two milestones A and B and then assign issues to A the backlog of milestone B shows issues that have been assigned to milestone A. However in the board configuration the help text of backlog back query says "Backlog issues are issues without any milestone" and IMHO that makes perfectly sense because when planning milestones you do not want to see anything assigned to other milestones.

Robin Shen commented 1 month ago

In OneDev an issue can be associated with multiple milestones, and the backlog by default only shows issues not associated with current milestone, instead of any milestone. This is because:

  1. There might exist different milestone scopes, for instance, release milestone and sprint milestone. An issue scheduled into release milestone but not into any sprint milestone should be considered a backlog issue when planning sprints.
  2. An issue might exist in a milestone, but postponed to next milestone for some reason. The history milestones an issue belongs to should also be kept to make milestone statistics (burndown chart) to be still meaningful.

So backlog issue is something very specific to site, and OneDev only puts minimum constraint on them (only filters those not belong to current milestone) . If you do not care about above points, you may simply edit your board to specify backlog base query as

"Milestone" is empty
Robin Shen commented 1 month ago

Back log description needs to be updated to reflect this though

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jbauer commented 1 month ago

If you do not care about above points, you may simply edit your board to specify backlog base query as

"Milestone" is empty

I could swear I had done this last week and got an empty result, thinking that onedev produced a query like milestone is empty and milestone is <selected milestone in ui>. But it seems to work now. So if you find "Milestone" in the backlog query you do not apply the ui selection in the background?

Then, as you said, UI help text should be updated to reflect the current behavior. Maybe also making clear that you can override the UI selection by added "Milestone" filters to the backlog query.

Robin Shen changed state to 'Closed' 1 month ago
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Robin Shen commented 1 month ago

If an issue is in backlog, OneDev will and sub query not("Milestone" is "current milestone") with the base query.

Closing it now, reopen if you observe odd things.

Jory de Kort commented 3 weeks ago

@robin you really thought of almost anything didn't you! Love this! :)

Robin Shen commented 3 weeks ago

@jorydekort thanks for the kind words, and all the good suggestions. 😃

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