#722  Manual releases?
wojtek opened 2 weeks ago

Is there a way to manually create that would be associated with certain tag in the repository? Or just completely "free form" release? I'm aware that one can create a Release build (as per https://code.onedev.io/projects/160/issues/580) but having more liberty / being able to generate artifacts manually would be helpful.

What's more, currently there is no way to include any comment/release notes if we are only using Builds

Robin Shen commented 2 weeks ago

OneDev tried to get things automated as much as possible. In case of releasing from certain tag, you may create a release job, set up the job to pull artifacts from appropriate place, and get it published. You can also pull comment/release notes from other places and get it published as markdown.

Then you can run this job from tags page for specific tag.

Robin Shen changed state to 'Closed' 2 weeks ago
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Robin Shen commented 2 weeks ago

With build #2688 it is now possible to upload artifacts manually to a build, as well as editing the build description to put any information you want.

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