#718  Is it possible or a plan to define CI/CD jobs as code?
TheAnachronism opened 2 weeks ago

Many git SaaS platforms and CI/CD platforms support the definition of their CI/CD workflows as code. Be it with YAML or some other format, one can apply these workflows by simply committing them inside the repository.
An example for that would be GitLab, which has it's .gitlab-ci.yaml system. I've worked with Atlassian Bamboo before and have some experience with setting up multiple workflows with a GUI and even though I was against it in the beginning, I realized that creating these workflows is much easier if one can have them inside some code structure.

Is there any plan to support this?

Robin Shen commented 2 weeks ago

OneDev CI/CD is maintained in a yaml file. For instance, the CI/CD file for OneDev itself:


You can copy/paste/diff, or even change it directly. The GUI simply helps you to author it without any knowledge of the grammar.

TheAnachronism commented 2 weeks ago

Ah, OK! Thanks,
I didn't see anything about the .yaml file in the documentation, that's why I asked here^^

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