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rflintstone opened 4 months ago

I recently installed OneDev, and I'm really liking it! I'm wondering however, is it possible to keep the website and/or repositories restricted unless they have a certain URL which gives them the right, rights to visit the requested page (without needing an account)? (A bit how sites like Trello and Google Drive work with invite links for boards and folders).

Does OneDev have something like this? And if not, is something like this planned? I would love to share my code without opening up all my repositories.

I did some more digging, and I've found the 'Default Role' setting in both child and parent/root repositories. This already solves some things regarding privacy, though you still require an account in order to set these permissions, which is kind of bothersome, so 'invite' links would still be an awesome addition.
I also found that 'private' repos (repositories which user X can't see the content from) are not unlisted from the projects page. I'm not sure if this is meant to happen?

Robin Shen commented 4 months ago

Thanks for using OneDev. I guess you want to enable anonymous access to a repository without registering an account?

If so, first make sure to enable anonymous access in menu Administration / Security Setting / General Security, then configure default role for desired projects as code read.

rflintstone commented 4 months ago

Thank you! All repos I want to be private are private now! 😃

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Matei Radu commented 3 months ago

@RFlintstone about 'private' repos still listed in the projects page, I found that you need to reset the 'Default Role' to be unspecified (aka when it says 'No default role') to make them actually private again.

Pfuenzle commented 7 days ago

@matei-radu Sorry for the bump, but I really wanted to thank you. I also had the problem that every repo got shown on the Homescreen and I tried to change everything (except the thing you wrote) and nothing worked for hours.
With your tip I finally could hide them. Thanks a lot :D
This really should be in the documentation.

Matei Radu commented 7 days ago

@pfuenzle Glad to help 😁

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