#455  Truenas Scale Application intregation
bufferUnderrun opened 9 months ago

I've discovered the recent Truenas Scale few weeks ago and it's an incredibly crazy not-enought word distribution :

  • debian based
  • ZFS
  • Absolutely nice and workable admin panel + API
  • Handle Virtual Machine (kvm/qemu)
  • docker
  • ...

In the docker section, truenas proposes some apps inside its "open catalogue".
An "app" is, in fact, a setup configuration file (github repo) which make easier to create and run a docker image in truenas.


So, could you provide or integrate this catalogue with interesting option like mysql/postgresql database attach ?

Thanks for all your work and this great project !

Robin Shen commented 9 months ago

Thanks for the info. Will look into this when I have time.

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