#47  Fix/kubernetes etcd data call issues (1.24)
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Shamil opened 1 year ago

There's a bug in Kubernetes 1.24 (related to https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/issues/110625, but seen in anything which uses k3s-io/kine to interface with etcd replacements) that causes the the query "kubectl get namespaces --field-selector metadata.name=onedev-k8s-26-6-0 -o name" to fail with error: "Error from server: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = invalid combination of rangeEnd and limit, limit should be 0 got 500".

Due to the nature of the of the bug, this inhibits job creation on k8s clusters which are affected by this bug. The fix disables the chunk size so all results are returned.

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Fix/kubernetes etc issues (1.24)
Fix/kubernetes etcd data call issues (1.24)
Shamil commented 1 year ago

@robin I've unfortunately upgraded by k8s cluster to 1.24, and it looks like the proper fix might be in 1.25, but that's weeks ago and I am currently unable to build anything...

Robin Shen merged 1 year ago
Robin Shen commented 1 year ago

Fix now available in build #2873

Shamil commented 1 year ago

thanks @robin !

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