All RESTful Resources
In case anonymous access is disabled or anonymous user does not have enough permission for a resource operation, you will need to authenticate by providing user name and password (or access token) via http basic auth header
Resource End Point
Project /projects
Repository /repositories
Issue /issues
Issue Vote /issue-votes
Issue Watch /issue-watches
Issue Comment /issue-comments
Milestone /milestones
Pull Request /pull-requests
Pull Request Assignment /pull-request-assignments
Pull Request Comment /pull-request-comments
Pull Request Review /pull-request-reviews
Pull Request Watch /pull-request-watches
Job Run /job-runs
Build /builds
Code Comment /code-comments
Code Comment Reply /code-comment-replies
User /users
Ssh Key /ssh-keys
Issue Query Setting /issue-query-settings
Pull Request Query Setting /pull-request-query-settings
Build Query Setting /build-query-settings
Commit Query Setting /commit-query-settings
Code Comment Query Setting /code-comment-query-settings
Group /groups
Membership /memberships
Role /roles
User Authorization /user-authorizations
Group Authorization /group-authorizations
Setting /settings
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